Cutter/Sides Person

The cutter is the face of Interstellar BBQ for our guests and sets the tone for the out-of-this world customer service experience we deliver. The cutter also serves as a control point for flow of service, leads the service line and is the final person in the chain of command on food quality checking. This is a demanding position that requires knife skills, understanding of portioning and weights, great communication, people skills, great mediation skills to deal with demanding customers, as well as the ability to be quick on your feet and tidy in a customer-facing service area.

  • Maintain a clean and presentable cutting area at all times, including scale, cutting board, knives, hotboxes and other equipment
  • Judge meats on whether they meet company standards for being served
  • Weigh and separate meats for preorders and communicate with back of house staff on all orders 
  • Greet all customers with a warm and friendly attitude 
  • Answer customer questions about the menu in a clear and concise way
  • Slice, Weigh and portion meats for customer trays
  • Call buns and tacos down the line to be toasted
  • Communicate to coworkers during service on meat levels and sold out items
  • Write daily comments log judging the quality of meats served every day compared to standards
  • Communicate with management and pit team on issues with cook, meat quality, etc.
  • Be available for cutting private events as needed
  • At least 6 months working with knives, preferably in a high volume butcher shop, kitchen environment or bbq restaurant
  • Prompt, prepared, professional, and engaged in your work and in participating in a high-volume restaurant with a team focus
  • Exceptional communication and customer service skills
  • Positive attitude and outlook on daily challenges 
  • Availability to work full time, Wednesday through Sunday 9am-6pm with occasional evening availability for private parties or events 
  • Most of all, a passion for the restaurant business, craft Barbecue and people. This is a people-centric business and we want to work with people who understand that while we are serving food, we really are in the business of making people happy every day.
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